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Our Essence

Handmade by some of India’s most skilled artisans, Sandalwali was born out of an innate love for dressing feet, as we strongly believe that the right footwear completes an outfit. Each piece re-introduces the joy of handmade artistry through embroidered stories, embellished with memories.

Comfort and usage is key—Sandalwali makes stunning sandals in myriad colours and themes and dedicates a large portion of its time for special customised orders for its discerning customers as we understand that each foot has different needs.

Our Story

Sandalwali emerged as an idea in the minds of two entrepreneurs who were driven by the passion of reviving the art of handmade artistry in India and selling their ideas locally. In a fast-paced world, Sandalwali has created a niche for itself with the help of skilled craftsmen who channel their creativity into each creation keeping age-old crafts alive through globally inspired eco-friendly sandals.
Deborah & Anita Malik
Founders, Sandalwali

The Craft

Sandalwali strives to revive age-old techniques like gota patti, zari, mukaish and different arts of
embroidery. Amalgamating craftsmanship from various regions in India, our diverse workforce
contributes with skills that have been passed down to them from previous generations.
Our ethically conscious and sustainable process lets you relish the delights of exquisitely
dressed feet without the guilt of a carbon footprint. We use materials like leather, glass beads,
thread and suedette and also make upcycled sandals from leftover fabrics so that we can
contribute to circular fashion in every way possible.