By Naomi Dewan

It’s okay to be confused but it’s not okay to confuse! Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Queers, Asexual, Intersex, and all those who stand with this community are intrinsic and important aspects of the ecosystem just like starfish, clownfish, and seahorses from the marine world, don’t you agree?

The LGBTQAI+ India community has experienced more acceptance in the country, especially in large cities. Nonetheless, most non-binary people in India remain closeted, fearing discrimination from their families, who might see homosexuality as shameful. Discrimination between the feminine and the masculine is still present in rural areas, where non-binaries often face rejection from their families and forced opposite-sex marriages. Most people have a limited ability to create distinctions between sex, gender preference, and identity- a trio that is vastly different from their counterparts.

Larry the Seahorse and Lucy the Starfish, both best friends went to get some documentation done for their home insurances, Ms. Betty a blowfish had some strange questions to ask:

Larry: Hey Lucy, here we are, we just need to swim across to that counter and quickly finish this off

Lucy: Hi Ms. Betty, here are the documents that you asked for. I’ve already submitted them online but there seems to be an issue, so let’s get this done with!

Ms. Betty: Right! Well Lucy, you’ve stated your gender as ‘other’ but are you a Mr or a Ms.?

Lucy: Dr.

Ms. Betty: But are you a man or a woman?

Lucy: I’m a scientist.

Ms. Betty (exasperated): Lucy, these aren’t definite answers, our protocols require proper identification!

Lucy: Ms. Betty, I am neither male nor female, I can be both by sex, my gender preference at present is female and my identity is that of a scientist! They are 3 completely different questions, I hope you understand!

Ms. Betty: Yes, Lucy I do! Thank you for coming and being so defiant and upfront, I will process this further now.

Larry: Lucy that was fantastic, I envy your pride and confidence, one that shines as bright as a rainbow on rainy days. Other fish often make fun of me and call me mama horsie or whatever they please as I raise and incubate my young. I usually just shy away, but today’s brief conversation between Ms. Betty and you has given me new hope and I’m proud to be a male who resumes the identity of a woman when it comes to nurturing my young.

Being L, G, B, T, Q, A, I is not a ‘problem’, nor is it a ‘choice’ as such. LGBT individuals are merely individuals who have sexual preferences that differ from what would appear to be the ‘norm’, due to differing learned behaviours and, you know, having a personal perspective and mindset that differs from everyone else’s. Saying that it’s objectively wrong for people to have sexual preferences that differ from the norm is objectively wrong itself.

Nature intends our sexuality to be a certain way and that it is all a part of nature’s plan. We think everyone who is living in this world, either normal or abnormal has equal rights to live in this society with full respect devoid of judgmental glances and more!

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