Guess what?

We Customize Too!

“A tailor-made service to a customer is more personal, genuine and natural; fits to size like a bespoke suit.”

– Dateme Tamuno

Sandalwali can customize different sizes, sustainable designs and colours galore, to cater to the needs of each individual customer. 


Colour Customization
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At Sandalwali, we realise that each person has different design sensibilities and customize our products in accordance with your needs. We give you the opportunity to possess your very own one-of-a-kind sandal! Whether it’s a size customisation, a colour customization, or a personal preference- we’ve got you covered.

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Colour Customization

Sandalwali lets you avail the option of colour customisation for our existing sandal styles. Get your favourite sandals in your favourite colours and begin every single day on the right foot. Red, white, green or blue; we’ll have your dream come true.

(INR 300/- per customization)

Dimensions Customization

We customize sizes that are below or above our standard size range (EU 37- 41). We can also adjust our sandals to the width of your feet.


(INR 300/- per customization)

How To Measure Accurately

What else do we customize?

Besides colour and sizes, here at Sandalwali, we’ve also got you covered for any personal foot preferences. For instance:

Flat Feet

We know that flat feet can hurt and that is why we offer extra cushioning to combat the problem!

Sweaty Feet

This issue is more common than you think, but we have solutions for it! We can customize the base where your foot rests to be either made of cloth, suedette or special leather which are all known to absorb sweat! If you have other suggestions we will happily try to incorporate the same!

Differently Sized Feet

As unique as this sounds, it is quite common, if your one foot is bigger than the other then we can make your sandals that way so that either pair fits you

Vegan Footwear 

Sandalwali also offers to you the choice of ordering our sandals made with vegan materials. Let us know which style template you’d like it in, and we’ll get cracking on it. 

(Customization cost is style and material-dependent for all of the above)

Interested in customizing your sandal?