Nothing says comfort like footwear that is a good fit for your child! Shopping for kids shoes can be a tedious task. However, ensuring that you buy the right size is one of the most crucial steps you can take to support their development. 

Before purchasing shoes or sandals for your kids, it’s crucial to take a precise measurement of their feet to ensure healthy foot development for years to come. Since many young children have wider, fatter feet throughout toddlerhood, both length and width matter.

As a newborn develops into a toddler and beyond, wearing shoes that are too tiny or too tight might affect the feet’s long-term bone growth and development. Children’s shoes that don’t fit properly can lead to calluses, blisters, or even corns. Ingrowth of toenails is also a result of poorly fitting footwear. A lot of life-long foot problems can occur if your child wears the wrong size shoes or sandals. It causes unnecessary pain and discomfort during use, but it can also result in foot ailments such as a sprained ankle and deformity such as gnarled toes. Shoes that are too small can even affect how your youngster walks. 

Although kids outgrow shoes very quickly due to their tiny feet’s rapid growth, high-quality shoes are still required to avoid any health problems that can be caused due to a poor fit of footwear. 

Here is Sandalwali’s guide to help you find the best footwear for your child:

  1. Select shoes that are neither too large nor too small. View our size chart to choose your girl’s sandal size. In case you are not sure of the size, learn how to measure right by following the steps in our size guide.
  2. Always let your child try on shoes while standing up, as this is when the length and width of the feet are spread to its fullest. Measure both feet in case they vary in size. Choose the shoes that fit the larger foot.  
  3.  Opt for straps or fasteners to avoid too much movement or slipping of the foot inside the shoe
  4.  Pay close attention to how flexible the sole is. Your child’s feet won’t develop as healthily if the soles are excessively rigid or soft.  Soft and flexible soles can make it easy for a child to learn to walk. This is because natural foot movement is not restricted. 

At Sandawali, healthy feet of our customers are a priority. All our  sandals for girls guarantee good support for the arch and heel. Our designs ensure maximum comfort with added butter-soft cushioning on the base and an anti-slip sole as well. They are handmade using vegan leather. Make a sustainable and sensible choice shopping for your kids footwear. And who said you have to pick between comfort and style? Our designs offer both! Your princess needs some gorgeous baby girl sandals to complete her look. From a beach look, to a party or picnic in the park, we have got you covered. Sandalwali brings to you the perfect combination of quality and fashion in footwear choices.

Happy Shopping Folks!

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