By Naomi Dewan

Are you a shoeaholic? Then we bet you’re itching to buy your next pair of shoes! Buying shoes online for most people can sometimes be a hassle, you will be worried about factors such as: “Will the shoes be a perfect fit?”, “Would they be the same colour as what is shown?”, “Will they be as comfortable as they claim to be”, “Are they durable and of good quality?” You must be hoping to have a graceful Cinderella moment but what if you have a step-sister moment instead, trying to jam your foot into an ill-fitting pair of chappals!  We feel you! So Sandalwali felt the need to educate you with 5tips that will help you purchase your perfect pair online. Read on!

1.  Shop on Sites that allow you a High-Resolution Zoom Experience

One of the challenges you will face while buying stylish designer handmade flats, sleek slippers and girls shoes online is that you’d want to have a feel of the detailing of your footwear. High resolution zoom gives you an opportunity to assess just that! Additionally, shop from sites that give you multiple angles of the sandal at question. Sandalwali offers both these features, click here to have a look.

2. Look for images where the Sandal has been worn by someone

When you see a branded sandal worn by someone, you will be able to envision the fit, look and feel of the footwear or kolhapuri better. You will be able to see how the footwear you are interested in buying online would look on you as well, especially if you’re purchasing for a bridal event. For instance, you will be able to see the placement of the ankle straps or the exact height of the heel or wedge, you will also be able to judge if the footwear is comfortable or not. Have a look at this example.

3. Check the size chart of the footwear brand

When it comes to fancy footwear or flats, each brand dosen’t necessarily have the same size chart. It is best to place your foot on a flat piece of paper, trace it out and measure your foot in inches/cms as per the brands’ guidelines before selecting your size from the options given. You can also directly reach out to the brands in case you are confused.  Do see Sandalwali’s expert size guidelines for further clarifications!

4. Ensure that you have combed through the returns/exchange policy

Read the return and exchange policy carefully before making any purchases. This helps to avoid conflicts that may arise between you and the brand. This is especially important for overseas women sandal retailers. Check out our policies as a reference!

5. Consult consumer reviews on the pair prior to purchase

When it comes to ladies sandals and men’s pure leather chappals, reviews are invaluable if you want to find out if the product is true to the image and size. It also gives you a better perspective about how cooperative the brand’s team is and may help you discover answers to other queries as well! We don’t mean to brag but here are some stellar reviews for you to see!

While it is intriguing to shop for elegant pure leather embroidery sandals online with access to countless new brands and a wide range of trendy choices that are not so easy to access in a normal retail store–the downside, however, is that it can be difficult to find ladies sandals, men shoes or leather chappals that match their pictures, description and comfort levels, not to mention your exact size. Take the liberty to see if a brand is running any sandals on sale, start your purchase from a pair of ladies sandals that are of a low price to get an insight into a new brand. So closely follow these tips and prevent wasting your money on something that causes an unpleasant experience. Pink, golden, silver or black find footwear for any occasion-bridal or office with

Happy Shopping Folks!

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