As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy. The depleting environmental condition of our ecosystem is not recent news and the field of fashion is thought to be one of the largest polluters. The footwear industry alone makes up for nearly 1.4% (700 million metric tons) of the global greenhouse gas emissions. The fast fashion industry has a big part in making shoppers feel we need to stay on trend to remain relevant and engage in impulsive buys.  Majority of footwear is made using plastic and harmful chemicals and they take 30-40 years to decompose. As a consumer, one has the responsibility to make  environment-friendly and conscious fashion choices. As people become more environmentally concerned,  eco-friendly footwear is rising in popularity. Both individual and collective action is required to alter the practices of any major brand in order to reduce this industry’s enormous carbon footprint. 

It may cross your mind that why should one opt for sustainable footwear, here are a few reasons why-

  1. Reduces amount of waste produced- Eco-friendly footwear reduces the use of plastic. Conscious brands use more environmentally friendly products. The source material can range from being vegan, to recycled, or upcycled. This approach taken by brands prevents and reduces production of large amounts of waste. Overall this distinctively lessens the levels of pollution of our environment.  You can enjoy the pleasures of exquisitely dressed feet with Sandalwali’s environmentally safe manufacturing process and ethically conscientious products without having to worry about leaving a carbon footprint. In order to add to circular fashion in every way possible, we use materials like leather, glass beads, thread, and suedette. We also create upcycled sandals using leftover fabrics like denim, jute, cotton, and brocade; redesigning them with a fresh touch. 
  2. Follows ethical principles- A crucial part of sustainability is to ensure that the products are produced following ethical and humane principles. Fashion brands propagating sustainability prioritise fair wages and safe working conditions for all employees.  Sandalwali has created a niche for itself with the help of their employees who are skilled craftsmen. We strongly believe in promoting a space for them where they get to freely channel their creativity into each creation keeping age-old crafts alive through globally inspired eco-friendly handmade sandals. 
  3. Long lasting footwear- Buying durable, high quality sandals be it for women, men, or children is a great way of making your footwear more sustainable. To be as environmentally-friendly as possible, the majority of Sandalwali footwear is built using high-quality upcycled and eco-friendly material that lasts longer. Footwear that is designed to have a long lifespan stays out of landfill longer than a less durable product. 
  4. Health benefits- Sustainable footwear is beneficial for your health as well as the environment. Several sandals and flats are made to be comfortable and supportive. These can aid in avoiding foot issues like corns and blisters. Such footwear is frequently made out of  breathable material, keeping your feet dry and cool.
  5. Support local businesses-  when consumers engage in shopping eco-friendly goods such as sustainable footwear, a market is encouraged to emerge, and it is focused on the creation, sale, and consumption of such products. This furthermore promotes brands to recycle resources and minimise CO2 emissions to maintain sustainability. Small and local businesses are frequently concerned about the environment and constantly looking for more environmentally-safe methods to make their products.

Buying sustainable footwear has a number of advantages, benefits that can help us protect our environment and economy. By choosing sandals that are consciously and ethically produced, you are not only extending the life of your feet but also making a decision that has a substantial impact on the environment and the community in which you live. Supporting environmentally friendly brands will benefit you, your neighbourhood, and the whole world!

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